Where is the Kentucky Golf Classic being held?

The ACS Kentucky Golf Classic Dinner Reception will be held at James B. Beam Distillery on Sunday September 8th. The golf tournament will be held at the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday September 9th. Shotgun start time is 1pm. Please keep in mind this is a cart path only experience. The distillery address is: 522 Happy Hollow Rd. Clermont, KY 40110 The club address is: 15503 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40245

Do I need to tip the forecaddie?

Forecaddie gratuity is not included in the golfer’s experience. Please keep in mind there are no ATMs on the Valhalla grounds. The expected forecaddie tip is between $40-$60 a player or $160-$240 a group.

If weather is a factor on the event date, how will I receive updates?

Should weather be a factor the day of the event, announcements will be emailed to event participants and posted to this website as often as possible.

What is the attire for the Kentucky Golf Classic?

Sunday Attire: •Dress is smart-casual, please wear comfortable closed toed shoes for walking tours. We will be dining outside, be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. Monday Golf Attire: • Men: Black/khaki shorts or pants (no jeans or cargo shorts/pants). Comfortable athletic shoes (no flip flops). • Women: Black/khaki skirt, skort, shorts, or pants (no jeans or cargo shorts/pants). Comfortable athletic shoes (no flip flops). • A collared shirt is required for all. No headwear in the clubhouse and no denim of any color is permitted. Full club amenities will be available for participants and will include access to the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Golf attire or business casual attire is appropriate for the dinner portion of the event.

Can I use cash for purchases on the day of the event?

Cash will not be accepted for the 2024 Kentucky Golf Classic, unless you are tipping your forecaddie. Payment via credit card is the preferred method. Remember, there are no ATMs on the Valhalla Golf Club grounds.

Will I receive a receipt for my tax records?

If you mail your donation, the American Cancer Society will send you a receipt for your tax records, approximately six weeks after payment is received. If you make a donation online using your credit card, you will be directed to a confirmation page that can be printed for your tax records. In addition, an email will be sent to you that includes a receipt that can be printed for your tax records.

How will my donations be used?

Kentucky Golf Classic donations support the mission of the American Cancer Society as it works to save lives by helping people stay well and get well, by finding cures and by fighting back.